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Good wine. Shade trees. Real friendships. Some things just get better with age. imogene + willie denim is no exception. Getting a pair of our jeans to the point where they’re truly your own takes time. Each pair starts out as a blank canvas; you have to do a bit of work to bring out the art that waits inside them – we’re talking honest to goodness, wear-’em-in-while-you’re-wearing-’em-out business. Our jeans are at their best after being worked in, played in, run in, jumped in… Choose whichever action verb you like: they all get the job done just fine.

With this in mind, imogene + willie has joined forces with our friendJoshua Black Wilkins to bring you Love Fades, a collection of inspirational photos of our dear friends and family – aka our customers – wearing the imogene + willie jeans they’ve worked hard to make into their own one-of-a-kind work of art. These pictures, taken by Joshua outside our store, represent the days, weeks, months, and, in a few cases, years, that go into making our jeans your own.